March 30, 2020

Fight against Covid-19 – ARISE IIP supports Benin government with various sanitary equipments

In the context of the COVID health crisis, and faced with the global shortage of medical equipment necessary to fight the pandemic, the company ARISE felt that it is its duty to put all of its logistical and human capacities to the disposition of the Beninese people.

In this context, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Romuald Wadagni and his colleague in charge of health, Benjamin Hounkpatin received from the company various equipment and materials for the fight against the spread of Covid-19 in the country. The donation offered is made up of millions of masks, protective clothing, thermometers, thermal cameras and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel.

In the same perspective and in accordance with its mission to contribute to the economic, social and human development of Africa, ARISE will notably deliver 7 million masks, 500 pairs of gloves and 20 thermal cameras to help 04 of its countries of operation in Africa to fight against this pandemic. This initiative aims to provide significant support in anticipation of major medical needs, and also represents a mark of gratitude and encouragement from the company to its communities and partner governments. ARISE’s commitment to communities is strong and will be maintained under all circumstances.

Note: The company ARISE Integrated Inustrial Platforms (ARISE IIP), is now present in Benin, and will be responsible for the financing, construction and operation of the country’s first integrated industrial zone. In public-private partnership with the Republic of Benin, the industrial zone will be located at Glo-Djigbé in the municipality of Abomey-Calavi. It will be dedicated to the industrial transformation of local agricultural products in order to allow Benin to capitalize on its agricultural wealth and to fill the country’s shortfall in terms of income and jobs due to the current export of products as as raw and unprocessed raw materials. ARISE IIP will invest as a priority in the capacities of local processing of agricultural products like cashew nuts, cotton, pineapple, soybeans and shea.