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Invest in GDIZ


Top 10 Reasons to Invest In Benin

Businesses can invest in GDIZ Benin Africa (Glo-Djigbé industrial zone) to accelerate the creation of a favourable environment for not just the establishment of local companies but also for the investment of international companies, which will make it possible to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) for Benin. The ambition of ARISE IIP is to maximize the transformation of Beninese wealth locally by plugging the gap between resources and businesses, thereby enhancing export competitiveness.


Investment opportunities in GDIZ include

Tax and custom benefits for investors of GDIZ

On a business level, the Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone Benin Africa offers investors the advantage of freedom of sale in the customs territory, freedom to transfer funds through approved financial institutions and requires neither licenses nor quotas for imports.


  • Facilitated Commercial Operations
  • One-stop solution for all administrative needs
  • Long-term land rights
  • Simplified procedure for transfers of imported raw materials and machinery directly into the zone


  • Corporate Tax
  • Dividend Tax VAT
  • Property tax on buildings and unbuilt land
  • Registration and transfer rights
  • All tax withholding
  • Freedom to repatriate income
  • Freedom to distribute dividends
  • Refund of VAT credits within 30 days


  • Freedom of sale on customs territory
  • No quotas for imports
  • Freedom of fund transfers through approved financial institutions
  • Employer’s exemption on wages
  • Freely negotiated employment contract
  • Facilitation of the issuance of entry visas and economic resident cards

Custom Advantages

Regime no. 1 : Export regime

  • Total exemption from customs duties on machinery, equipment, tools and detailed parts related to the production program as well as on input
  • Simplified procedure for transfers of imported goods to the GDIZ Benin Africa

Regime no. 2 : Intra-community trade promotion regime

  • Customs duties Exoneration (levy of customs duties on the import of raw materials and inputs but exemption from entry fees on machinery, equipment, tools and detailed parts related to the Program of production)
  • Simplified procedure for transfers of imported goods to the GDIZ
  • Offers the benefit of a certificate of community origin


To facilitate administrative procedures for investment in GDIZ Benin Africa, we provide a one-stop service that brings together all the services and agencies concerned is located in the industrial zone. A business facilitation agent will be appointed by Arise IIP to meet the needs of investors. Through this single window system, various approvals necessary for the operation of an industry will be available in a building in the Glo-Djigbé industrial zone. Investors do not need to run between different offices.

The one-stop shop will also take care of the following formalities while investing in GDIZ Benin Africa



Labor Complaints

Labour Complaints

Construction Permits

Construction Permits

Industrial Approvals

Industrial Approvals


Company Registration Authorities




Environnemental Permits


Construction Permits

Steps to invest in GDIZ

To obtain a domain in GDIZ, please follow the steps below to get started with your first investment in GDIZ Benin:

STEP 1: Provision of plot

  • Fill up the form (to be withdrawn from SIPI-Benin);
  • Create a summary of the project.
  • Then submit all the above documents to SIPI-BENIN for quick review.

STEP 2: Signing a Booking Agreement

Offer: An offer is sent to the promoter after a file study, including the charges to be borne by the customer in the area:

  • Development Costs: to be defined after a file review
  • Maintenance costs: to be defined after a file study

Booking Agreement: This contract precedes the lease agreement.

  • It allows the promoter to start the process of obtaining approval to benefit from the exemptions provided by the zone in accordance with Chapter III of the law establishing Special Economic Zones.
  • A booking deposit will be paid following the signing of the contract (the amount will be specified in the offer and the booking contract).

STEP 3: Application for Approval

The documents to be supplied will be communicated to you after signing of the booking contract. 

STEP 4: Signing the Lease Agreement

The promoter must provide all the documents mentioned in step 3, before signing the lease agreement. The promoter will then pay:

  • Three months’ rent amount
  • Three months bail amount