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Key Industry Sectors


There is abundance of raw materials that are cultivated in Benin.
Some of them are listed as follows


Benin is the No 1. producer of seed cotton in Africa, and N°10 in the world ranking. Benin exceeded 700.000 tons of harvest in 2020 and plans multi-fold production by 2024 which offers tremendous opportunity for cotton products- MADE IN BENIN. According to Government of Rebublic of Benin website, the cotton production has evolved over the last 10 years in Benin. Read more about the Textile Park in Benin that specializes in production of cotton textiles and apparels.


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Pineapple is one of Benin’s main export products, with a quality rated highly in regional and international markets. Currently, export worthy and domestically consumed pineapple is produced mainly in 6 communes of Benin with the largest quantity of production in the commune of Allada.


  • Benin is the 3rd largest producer of pineapples in the world.
  • Raw pineapple product value ~ USD 50 million
  • Export potential transformation worth ~ USD 200 million
  • 300.000 MT production per year
  • 1.2% contribution to national GDP
  • 75% export
  • 27% of processed fruits
  • Two varieties are produced:
    – “pain de sucre” (90%) and “cayenne smooth” (10%)
    – Pain de sucre labelled “Made in Benin”
    – Fair trade certified product

Shea nut

Shea butter, generally used as cooking oil or soap, is widely exported to Europe, where it is used in chocolate making, cosmetology / pharmacology. Benin has a shea park that stretches from Atchérigbé to Malanville. The figures available at the national level show a relatively large population (about 6,550,000 plants of shea in the departments of Atacora and Donga). Beninese Shea has several comparative advantages in terms of quality, taste, price, virtue, and many uses along with several derivatives.


  • 6th largest producer in West Africa
  • 170.000 MT average production per year
  • Targeted production: 221.000 MT
  • Raw Shea Nuts product value: ~ USD 50 million
  • Export potential transformation worth: ~ USD 200 million
  • Diversify export markets: Sweden, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, France, Denmark and the Netherlands
  • 1.23% Contribution to national GDP
  • 80% export
  • 20% of processed nuts

Soya beans

Soya beans are processed for their oil and fodder (for the animal feed industry). A smaller percentage is processed for human consumption and transformed into products like soy milk, soy flour, soy protein, tofu and other retail food products. Soybeans are also used in many non-food (industrial) products. In 2019, Benin sold 7,564 tonnes of soya beans globally.


  • Volume exported: ~31.000 MT
  • Targeted production: 200.000 MT
  • Available land: 70.000 Ha
  • The production is expected to hit 341,000 tons by 2030. Benin started exporting soyabeans with the assistance of the IAEA and FAO.
  • Diversify export markets: China, European Union, India, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo and other countries like Turkey, Belgium, Myanmar and Indonesia.
  • Less than 10% of processed fruits
  • 25% export


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