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The GDIZ is an integrated industrial zone settled on 1640 hectares (ha) and focused on the creation of thriving value chains ranging from the supply of raw materials, the transformation of resources to the export of finished products.

The GDIZ aims to provide investors with a gateway to integrate the African landscape by providing them with infrastructure, an atmosphere conducive to business and supporting them in the promotion of their products through our ecosystem approach.

The GDIZ is strategically located on a highway connected to the Airport and the Autonomous Port of Cotonou (PAC). The GDIZ will be close to the future railway line for better freight management. Additionally, the GDIZ has a one-stop shop, a police station as well as a fire station, among many other facilities.

Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) is a company specialized in the development of industrial infrastructures and dedicated ecosystems. It develops, finances and operates industrial ecosystems on the African continent. It designs tailor-made solutions to enable the sustainable and local transformation of raw materials, stimulate exports and promote trade.


An Industrial Zone, where the Unit, after issuance of the Approval to the Investor, is assigned plot for its authorized operations. Unit shall set up and develop manufacturing or production facility for the transformation of products or processing of the raw materials to produce the value-added products. This also include the various services which is created to support the industrial operations. Units will be labelled as ‘Export Oriented Unit’ or “intra community-oriented Unit” as per the Law. 

A Commercial Zone is area equipped with all support facilities developed by SIPI-Benin and which hosts all support services, non-industrial by nature and primarily oriented to services including but not limited to Banking, Finance and Insurance related services, repair and maintenance services, retails, motel, restaurants, custom handling services, other consultancy services etc. That may be required for industrial operations etc. This zone also has some of the services of the Single Window and the offices of SIPI-Benin.

A Residential Zone is wherein all the support services are provided by the SIPI-Benin to the various types of residential areas development as per the demand including opportunity for the development of social infrastructure to support community facilities like schools, clubs, recreational facility etc. To showcase GDIZ as ‘Work, Live, Learn and Play’ community, SIPI-Benin may construct and rent out residential villas and apartments of different categories. The provision of these housing units to the Investors and their employees is done according to an adapted scheme to support the industrial operations.

The logistics zone has facilities (for storage and transportation services, facilities), public facilities (for industry and commerce, taxation, customs, commodity inspection, worker facilities, specialized market catering to logistics equipment needs, other service facilities) and related facilities (offices, accommodation, catering and other services facilities, fuel station, motels etc.). SIPI-Benin shall develop the various subcomponents of the Logistics Zone and lease them to the Investors in the form of bare plots of land as well as developed plots and built-up spaces. The Administrative Authority is responsible for the management of all administrative procedures necessary for the smooth operations of the bonded and non-bonded facilities within the Logistics Zone. The Logistics Zone can be used by all companies and by all trucks from abroad or from the hinterland to the Zone or the Port. 

Container Yard’; ‘Dry Ports’; “Inland Container Depots’; ‘Inland Clearance Depots’, ‘Container Freight Station’ are words used interchangeably used to designate the relevant infrastructure for the facility which will be dedicated to the handling of all types of cargo: containerized, non-containerized break-bulk and bulk cargoes for domestic and international trade. The Container Yard has both a bonded area andas well as a non-bonded area. SIPI-Benin will be able to collaborate with port authorities and shipping companies to develop processes and systems, including modern technologies, to increase Port efficiency through efficient management of trucks to the Port. SIPI-Benin shall develop packaged value-added services along with standard tariffs and implement the same on pay-and-use basis for all the Units and the Users and Users. The Administrative Authority is responsible for the issue and renewal of all the approvals required for the smooth operation of the bonded and nonbonded Container Yard. The highlights of container yard include: 

  • 3-ha unloading and potting area 
  • Latest generation handling equipment 01 weighbridge and an axle weigher 
  • IT system integrated with the Autonomous Port of Cotonou 
  • Surveillance cameras and electronic system for automatic capture of container numbers 
The truck terminal may be used by Units located in the Zone as well as by users not based in the Zone and by all trucks coming from abroad or from the hinterland to the Port. If necessary, SIPI-Benin will develop, in cooperation with the port authorities, an efficient system to allow the fluidity of the movements of trucks from the Zone to the Port. Its key highlights include:


  • Integrated space dedicated to truck maintenance
  • Surveillance cameras and electronic system for automatic capture of truck numbers
  • parking space for trucks with minimum stretch of 20 to 25 meters

SIPI-Benin plans to develop a customized warehouse with open stock-yards to enable stockpiling goods, e.g., to build up a full load prior to transport, or hold unloaded goods before further distribution, or store goods like the agro-commodities that are stored on year-round basis to maintain the uninterrupted supply and distribution of the raw materials to the Units. Its key highlights include: 

  • Industrial grade warehouses of surface 100,000m²  
  • Modern and functional design offering the option of combining  the warehouse with an administrative block 
  • Dedicated to storage or industrial production 
  • Durable and corrosion free 
  • Appropriate ventilation and insulation 
  • Installation of firefighting equipment: firefighters, water tanks, sprinklers fire alarms, hose reels inside, fire hydrants outside 
  • Fire department available in case of extreme fire
  • Water connection available if needed Public toilets 
  • AppropriateAdequate lighting 
  • Integrated storage space for cotton bales 
  • To ensure the immediate availability of cotton to facilitate the transformation withininside the industrial zone to allow a fluidity of the operations 
  • Adequate platform with appropriate cover to avoid any contamination of the raw material 
  • Integrated training centers 
  • Processing and export of finished products
A one-stop shop bringing together 13 administrative entities. The Single Window is the sole point of contact for the Investors to which carry out all the formalities and administrative procedures related to their establishment in the Zone. The Departments identified of the competent Administrative Authorities grouped together within the Single Window are indicative. These administrations will be in the administrative building of the GDIZ:  

  • the General Department of Labour,  
  • the General Department of Trade (GDT),  
  • the City Hall of Zé,  
  • the Beninese Agency for the Environment,  
  • the Customs Office,  
  • the General Tax Department (GTD),  
  • the General Department for Industrial Development (GDID),  
  • the National Shippers’ Council (NSC),  
  • the Immigration Department,  
  • the Plant Production Department (PPD).  


  • Fire Station
  • Police Station 
  • Medical Center 
  • Petrol pump / fuel station icon-check


  • Dedicated power supply with Power sub stations 
  • A Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) 
  • Water tanks 
  • Roads 
  • Thermal power plant: Installation of a 143 MW thermal power plant 

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