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Farm mechanisation is a proven tool to improve crop productivity, by bringing precision in the agricultural activities over manual operations.

On 26th May 2023, The SIPI-BENIN S.A., in charge of the development of the GDIZ, has launched ‘farm mechanization project’ in Benin. The initiative is planned to achieve two major objectives:

  • Improvement of Benin’s crop productivity,
  • Capacity building of farmers by creating entrepreneurship.

SIPI-BENIN S.A. has supported Principal farmers by providing 40 tractors along with various implements for good preparation of land, undertake mechanized sowing and transportation of goods from bush. All the selected tractorist were trained on the usage of each implements. They will also benefit from technical assistance for optimal use and maintenance of the equipment. SIPI-Benin is committed to increase the number of tractors at ground year on year.

With this project, SIPI-Benin has embarked journey to mechanise Benin’s agriculture at large scale. “We are working hard to guarantee the supply of agricultural materials from producers and to anticipate future needs,” said Létondji Beheton, CEO of SIPI-Benin.

GDIZ is strongly committed to agricultural entrepreneurship and the mechanisation of Benin’s agriculture for the benefit of the country’s producers!