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Today, the benefits of traceability in Agri supply chain are well and widely known. Traceability in one hand facilitates the tracking of environmental, social, and economic processes in agriculture value chain, to meet the consumers demand, and on the other hand supports the farmers in improving their livelihood, if applied meticulously. On the contrary, Traceability in absence can represent barriers to trade from the country.

With deep understanding of traceability needs and benefit, SIPI-Benin SA, Arise IIP, who is closely working with more than twenty thousand (20,000) farmers for production of certified organic Soybean and Cashew in the country, developed and launched a digital application on 11th July 2022, to support Benin farmers. The application known as “AFIS” an acronym of ARISE Farmer Information System, shall meet the expectations of buyers & consumers by assuring that a grower has indeed met the organic standards.

In addition, the application with its high-end technology support, shall benefit the country’s farming community in accessing real time crop advisory at each crop stage, weather forecast for better decision making in cultivation and market related information to take sales decision for their commodity.

On the occasion, Mr. Anurag Sinha, Director – Agri Value Chain, Arise and Mr. Kundan Kumar, General Manager Interface at SIPI-Benin SA, have launched the AFIS application and distributed “tablets” to the field team to facilitate the initiative at scale. The launch event has witnessed the participation from various Benin Government authorities, Managers from SIPI-Benin and enthusiastic more than three hundred (300) growers from Ketou region of the country.

Currently the application covers the cultivation of Soybean and Cashew crop and shall gradually add crops like Pineapple, Mango and Maize in the portfolio.

The application is intended to serve as one-stop solution for all the agricultural needs of the farmers, in long run.