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Young local talents and the diaspora are under the charm of the GDIZ, the first industrial zone to meet international standards since Benin’s independence.
The new jewel of Glo-Djigbé does not cease to arouse the admiration of some and others throughout Benin, and even beyond our borders.
A delegation of the project “Benin Talent Pool Meet up 2022” visited this Monday, August 01, 2022 the GDIZ.

Aware that the independence of a country can only be consolidated by projects with a strong economic and social impact, the young people of the “Benin Talent Pool Meet up 2022” project decided to celebrate this 62nd year of Benin’s independence in a totally different and original way.

Composed of local and international talents, they dedicated this day of Monday, August 1st to the discovery of the Industrial Zone of Glo-Djigbé under all its angles. They were received by a young dynamic team of the Investment and Promotion Company of Industry (SIPI-BENIN SA).

During the visit, what the GDIZ will look like in the next ten years was exposed to the delegation through the presentation of the impressive model of the zone. For more than thirty minutes, our visitors were given a presentation of the project and an explanation of the various elements of the model. They also had the opportunity to ask questions related to the supply of electrical energy to the area. It was, for the team of SIPI-BENIN SA, the opportunity to reassure not only the delegation, but also all the Beninese on the fact that all the provisions were taken with the support of the Government of Benin to make of the Industrial Zone of Glo-Djigbé a zone where the electric energy will be available in a stable, continuous way and at a highly-competitive price.

The issue of installation conditions within the GDIZ was also at the center of the discussions. A question to which the team of SIPI-BENIN did not fail to answer by insisting on the fact that the Industrial Zone of Glo-Djigbé is a business of all. It is open to everyone without distinction of age, sex, nationality or religion. It is enough to have an industrial investment project ready to be realized to submit it to SIPI-BENIN to launch the installation process. This is an element of response that has swept away the doubts that participants may have had before their arrival. Questions relating to tax, commercial, social and customs advantages were not left out of the exchanges.

The delegation was also able to admire the various works of realization of the first phase of the site which extends on 400 hectares and which is composed in particular of the warehouses, the textile park, the park of transformation of cashew nuts, the fire station, the roads, the center of formation to the trades of the textile, the single counter, etc. Feelings of joy and pride could be read on the faces.

They did not fail to express their satisfaction. “I am amazed. I leave here with another vision of the country”, said Gloria Laurentia PATENON, a member of the delegation.

They left satisfied, confident and full of hopes for the future of Benin, promising to promote the industrial zone of Glo-Djigbé around them and to come back, no longer as simple visitors but rather as investors.

By this visit, we easily understand that the Industrial Zone of Glo-Djigbé is a matter of all. It could not become a reality without the contribution of the youth.

In addition, “Benin Talent Pool Meet up 2022” is a project initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It brings together young Beninese talent from here and elsewhere. Launched last Saturday, July 30 in the city of Sèmè by the President of the Republic, this project aims to promote excellence and support young talents in their professional insertion.