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On October 26, 2022, the Société d’Investissement et de Promotion de l’Industrie (SIPI-BENIN S.A.) and its partners proceeded to the official distribution of school kits to 2800 children of the Public Primary Schools (EPP) of ANAVIE, AGBODJEDO, DJITIN-AGA and HOUEZE and of the Secondary schools of Tangbo. This ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Moussa Amadé, Mayor of the town of Zè and the Directors of the different school complexes.

2800 children from the elementary school of ANAVIE, AGBODJEDO and HOUEZE, received school supplies consisting of bags, notebook, pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, colored pencil and slate with a total value of 10,000,000 FCFA.

Mr. Létondji Beheton, General Manager of SIPI-BENIN S.A. invited parents to stay tuned to their children and to accompany them in their learning so that they can succeed in their studies and participate in the influence of Benin.

He then thanked the generous donors Business and Engineering, CGTS, SIBP, CCS Infra, PNHG, Nexus Floral, AKPOTIN ERIN SARL, GRM, who have spared no effort to support this noble cause.

This year, the donation of school kits by SIPI-BENIN S.A. and its partners to our children has a special dimension. In 2021, in collaboration with our generous partners, we had offered 1400 school kits to the children of the elementary school of ANAVIE, AGBODJEDO and HOUEZE, school supplies. This year, we doubled the number of school kits. The education of our children represents for SIPI-BENIN S.A., a priority because it is during early childhood and primary education that children acquire the fundamental skills for their future. Nelson Mandela said: Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. So together, let’s accompany our children in their education because they represent the future of our nation Benin,” said Mr. Létondji Beheton, Managing Director of SIPI-BENIN S.A.