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On 29 June, we received Mr Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, Benin’s Minister of State for Development and Coordination of Government Action, for a new working session within the GDIZ.

Following three key points were presented and discussed with the Minister:

  • The progress of work on the area
  • The progress of the reservations of the plots by the investors
  • The different procedures put in place for the establishment on the zoneThis was followed by a visit to the field with:
  • A visit to the textile park
  • A visit to the cahew park
  • A visit to the cashew warehouses
  • A visit to the textile training centre (GTC: Garment Training Center)After this fourth visit to the area, Mr Bio Tchané was able to see the rapid progress of the work and discover the textile training centre already hosting several hundred young Beninese. The Minister of State was very pleased with what he saw yesterday in the area: “The GDIZ is already coming to life. More than a thousand people have been recruited, including more than 400 who are already in training. I want to congratulate SIPI-BÉNIN SA and APIEx BENIN!”