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“We promise to be ambassadors of the GDIZ to our country Senegal”, said Mr Youssou N’DOUR, artist and former Minister of Culture and Tourism of Senegal. He visited GDIZ on 19 January 2023.

Accompanied by Mr. Sévérin QUENUM, Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice and Legislation of Benin and Mrs. Shadiya Alimatou ASSOUMAN, Minister of Industry and Trade of Benin, he was received by Mr. Létondji BEHETON, Managing Director of SIPI-BENIN S.A.

On this occasion, the delegation was presented with the GDIZ project and was able to see our model. They also had the opportunity to visit our cashew nut processing plant LUNE CASHEWS, as well as our Garment Training Centres where the “Made In Benin” clothes are manufactured.