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The Parisian leg, held on June 21, brought together more than 200 participants during its strategic stop in Paris. French entrepreneurs, investors, and renowned economic actors gathered to explore investment opportunities offered by Benin, in a secure and regulated framework. Key sectors such as digital, services, and vocational training were highlighted to encourage French entrepreneurs to settle in Benin.

This stage was marked by the presence of Bruno Delaye, member of the Advisory Committee of the ARISE group, representing the group at this event. Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone, the result of a joint venture between Republic of Benin and ARISE group, attracted the attention of Parisian investors as an undisputed reference in the industrial sector in Africa.

Mr. Laurent GANGBES, CEO of APIEx, emphasised the strategic importance of this stage in Paris: “Paris, known for its international influence and dynamic ecosystem, is a center of excellence for innovation, digital, and services. We want to encourage Parisian companies to consider Benin as a preferred investment destination. We are building a large-scale industrial city, a symbol of unprecedented economic development. If you decide to settle in Benin, you will be enveloped in a sphere of unconditional support, and I will be by your side in this sphere.”

Benin offers a conducive environment for business establishment, with incentives, modern infrastructure, and a qualified workforce. French companies are invited to seize this unique opportunity to expand to Benin, taking advantage of the synergy created by the alliance between the French capital of innovation and Benin. The Parisian stopover ended with a B2B session in which more than thirty French companies participated.

After this stage, the Osez le Bénin roadshow will continue in Rennes, Nantes, and Louviers, strengthening economic ties between France and Benin, and offering French investors unique opportunities for growth and development in Africa.