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Glo-Djigbé, 14 July 2022 – With an investment estimated at approximately ten (10) billion FCFA (approximately 15 million Euros) over five (5) years on machinery and raw material, SINO-BENIN NOIX DE CAJOU, a company with Chinese and Vietnamese Cashew processing experts, is officially the 35th company to invest in GDIZ.

In efforts to diversify their business portfolio as a cement manufacturer in Ivory Coast with many years of experience, this latest investor is now venturing into cashew processing with a Vietnamese partner. Several international investors from India and Vietnam are also pushing to diversify into cashew processing in West Africa. The Government of Benin has passed a new decree that bans raw cashew exports starting April 2024. Cashew processors have welcomed this decision and are calling it a strong commitment from the authorities to guarantee raw material for investors setting up within GDIZ.

In Phase 1, SINO-BENIN NOIX DE CAJOU will be setting up a sixty (60) tons per day processing plant spanning 1.7 hectares. This plant will process almost 10% of the total yearly raw cashew nuts (RCN) production in Benin.

SINO – BENIN NOIX DE CAJOU will generate five hundred (500) direct jobs and one thousand (1,000) indirect jobs in Benin. Each two (2) years, the number of direct jobs is predicted to increase by two hundred (200).

With the signing of the contract, SINO – BENIN NOIX DE CAJOU will order the machinery. This unit will be operational by the first quarter of 2023.

This new investment in the zone confirms the confidence that local and international investors put in GDIZ.

This new investment in the zone confirms the confidence that local and international investors put in GDIZ.

I’m very impressed by infrastructures developed within GDIZ in only one year. Everything is set up to allow me to develop my factory in Benin. I visited GDIZ on the 11th of July, as various investors I knew had mentioned it to me, and all the praise I had heard was definitely true.  After my visit, I left fully convinced by the high quality of infrastructures, responding to international standards. I can confirm that Benin is the best place to invest and I’m excited to set up my factory for Cashew Nut processing. I’m very happy with the support being provided to me by GDIZ in the form of RCN’s financing, ready-to-use sheds, as well as warehousing to ensure production for the entire year.” Mr. Liu Guowei, SINO-BENIN NOIX DE CAJOU General Manager. ‘’We deeply thank Mr. Liu Guowei for this confidence in GDIZ. Benin is beginning to occupy an important position on the African arena when it comes to the production of anacardia. The quality of the cashew produced makes Benin one of the three best in the world. The government has put in place the necessary tools for the development of the sector to increase the annual production of Benin to guarantee the availability of cashew nuts. Within GDIZ, a Jute Bags Factory and a Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNLS) plant are already under construction. Their products will be extracted from the cashew shell waste. In addition to this, a  biocharcoal factory will convert cashew shell waste into biocharcoal, and a factory will be making confectionery and biscuits from cashew. With all these future success stories, GDIZ will be the first integrated cashew ecosystem in Africa.” Mr. Létondji BEHETON, SIPI-BENIN General Manager.

About GDIZ

Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ), developed by Société d’Investissement et de Promotion de l’Industrie – BENIN (SIPI-BENIN SA), is a joint-venture between Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) and the Republic of Benin.

GDIZ is a dynamic industrial zone of 1,640 hectares (phase 1: 400 ha) developed by ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) which counts among its infrastructures several industrial zones in Africa, in particular in Gabon (Gabon Special Economic Zone) and in Togo (Industrial Platform of Adétikope) and in other countries of the African continent.