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On 20 July, we had the honour of receiving Madame Véronique Tognifodé Mewanou, Benin’s Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, at the GDIZ, accompanied by executives from her ministry.

The Minister was able to discover the model of the zone, the cashew nut warehouses and the textile training centre where more than 400 young people are currently being trained, 60% of whom are young Beninese women.

Indeed, GDIZ takes strict measures for gender equality, for the consideration of disabled people and for social promotion: key points highlighted during this visit.

With the support of Benin’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance, SIPI-BENIN SA plans to:

  • Strengthen the skills of women within the area
  • Develop the policy of equality between men and women, taking into account disability, social protection
  • Fight against sexual harassment
  • Provide social promotion points within the area
  • Promote the many opportunities within GDIZ to women in Benin


Impressed by the policy of GDIZ, which puts in its heart the woman and the development of her potential as well as her blossoming, Madam Minister congratulated the teams of SIPI-Benin SA and APIEx BENIN and also testified of her availability to accompany GDIZ in its social component.