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Benin’s Energy, Water, and Mines Minister Visit GDIZ

GDIZ had the honor of hosting the Minister of Energy, Water, and Mines of Benin, Mr. Samou Séidou ADAMBI, for his first official visit to the Zone.

This visit marks the initial step of his nationwide tour as part of the ‘Drinking Water in Urban and Rural Areas in Benin’ program.

During this visit, Mr. Létondji Beheton, Managing Director of ‘Société d’Investissement et de Promotion de l’Industrie (SIPI-BENIN S.A.)’, presented GDIZ project along with its model. The minister then visited the Zone’s facilities, including the water reservoirs, one of the Zone’s seven boreholes, the Afrikan Ceramics Solutions (ACS) factory, which specialises in the manufacture of tiles, and the first integrated textile unit (BTex).

The minister assured that measures would be implemented to ensure a reliable supply of water and energy, both in quantity and quality, for the industries within the Zone.

This visit marks a significant step forward in the collaboration between GDIZ and the Government of Benin for the industrial development of our country.

A new excellence award for the Garment Training and Production Centers of GDIZ

GDIZ is delighted to announce that the Garment Training and Production Centers of the Zone have achieved the prestigious ‘Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) Achievement Award’ with an outstanding score of 97%.

This distinction, awarded to the top-performing suppliers, confirms their unwavering commitment to excellence. It attests that the raw materials and contracted services are supplied consistently and meet pre-determined levels of quality.

For the Garment Training and Production Centers of the Zone, this new distinction highlights the exceptional dedication of their teams to uphold the high standards of the textile industry. It further strengthens GDIZ’s reputation as a leading player in the textile sector in Benin and globally, determined to ensure consistent quality in its operations.