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Together, let’s support GDIZ FC towards Victory!

GDIZ Football Club (GDIZ FC), in its second match in the Inter-Company Football Championship (CIFA), held Atlantiques Assurances team to a 1-1 draw. Although this result is encouraging, our team, now more than ever, needs our support to continue its momentum towards victory.

The next challenge for GDIZ FC will take place this Saturday, February 24, 2024, at Flex Football in Ganhi starting from 12:00 pm. Our valiant players will play against Flex Fitness team. This is a new opportunity to show our unconditional support for our team.

We invite you to come out in large numbers to cheer on GDIZ FC during this crucial match. Your presence in the stands will be a real boost for our players, helping them push their limits and secure their first victory in this competition.

To facilitate your transportation, a bus will be provided. The bus will leave from GDIZ at 11:30 a.m. with stops planned along the way. To confirm your participation and book your seat in the bus, please contact Mr. Isaac TOSSAH at the following number: (+229) 53 04 65 44.

Let’s rally once again to support our players !

Together, we are stronger!

Together, we will win!

Together, we are GDIZ FC!

Beninese weavers impressed by the quality of ‘Made in Benin’ cotton yarns produced at Glo-Djigbé

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ) had the honor of hosting a delegation from the National Association of Cotton Weavers (ANTIC).

The purpose of this visit is to showcase the ongoing industrial revolution at GDIZ, particularly highlighting advancements in the textile sector. The delegation had the opportunity to visit various facilities, including the Garment Training and Production Centers, as well as BTex, one of the integrated textile industries in the Zone specialising in transforming ‘Made in Benin’ cotton into yarns, towels, and bed sheets.

During this visit, members of the delegation were impressed by the quality of cotton yarns produced by BTex. They expressed satisfaction with the reliability and robustness of these yarns, noting that their production in Benin is a real relief for weavers. This new quality of yarns now offers local artisans the opportunity to significantly improve the quality of their work.

Mrs. Eugénie AKUEGNON, President of ANTIC, shared her enthusiasm: “Today, I can confidently say that weavers can use locally manufactured yarns from Beninese cotton with trust. So far, some hesitated due to the fragility of available yarns. However, with the remarkable quality of yarns produced here at GDIZ, weavers have no reason not to favor yarn made from Beninese cotton. This yarn is elastic, strong, and incredibly durable.

This visit not only strengthened the ties between ANTIC and GDIZ but also paved the way for promising collaboration that could benefit the entire Beninese textile industry.

Students and pupils discover GDIZ

Over the past few weeks, several schools, and colleges from different parts of Benin have organised educational visits to Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone. Together their teachers, the students and pupils had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the industrial world.

This experience allowed our young visitors to closely observe factory operations and understand the importance of industrialisation in Benin’s economic development.

This immersive educational experience was hailed by participating teachers as a valuable opportunity to enrich the traditional school curriculum with practical and concrete experiences. It allowed students to directly connect with the world of work, perhaps inspiring them to consider careers in industry and entrepreneurship.

Seeing the smiles and enthusiasm on our students’ faces during this visit was truly rewarding. It opened new horizons for them and allowed them to realise the many possibilities available to them in the world of work,” said one of the teachers.