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Benin-China Investment Forum 2024

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, the second edition of the Benin-China Investment Forum took place at the Palais des Congrès of Cotonou.

Under the theme “Sino-Beninese economic and trade cooperation in a new era”, the event brought together several government members, representatives from chambers of commerce of both countries, as well as Chinese investors.

The Benin-China Investment Forum is an initiative of the Agence de Promotion des Investissements et des Exportations du Bénin (APIEx Benin) in collaboration with the Société d’Investissement et de Promotion de l’Industrie (SIPI-Benin S.A.), the Chinese Embassy, and several key ministries. Its main goal is to explore new investment opportunities offered by Benin, especially considering the significant economic progress made in recent years under the leadership of President H.E.M. Patrice Talon.

On Friday, April 26, 2024, the Chinese investors had the opportunity to take a closer look at one of Benin’s most ambitious industrial development initiatives : Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ). Led by Mr. Létondji BEHETON, Managing Director of SIPI-Benin S.A., and Mr. Moubarack SOUMANOU, Managing Director of APIEX Benin, the delegation visited both operational and under-development facilities within the Zone.

The Chinese investors were impressed by the quality of the infrastructure and the tangible economic potential of GDIZ. Many expressed their intention to come back and set up factories within the Zone.

This visit opens the way for new collaborations and strengthened commercial ties between the two nations.

Commitment to health and safety at GDIZ

The Global Safety Day, celebrated every April 28, provides a privileged opportunity to promote best practices and raise awareness about issues related to workers safety and health.

The 2024 edition, focusing on the topic “The impacts of climate change on safety and health at Work,” holds particular importance in a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges. In this context, Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ), through its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department, organised an awareness-raising program on Monday, April 29, 2024, focused on six critical activities in the construction industry:

  • contractor management,
  • working at height,
  • deep excavation works,
  • road transport,
  • storage of production energies,
  • lifting and logistics activities.

Led by Mrs. Rahkmatoulah Cisse, Manager of HSE department, this initiative aimed to encourage employees, investors, and contractors present to systematically integrate risk assessment, emergency management, and the right to refuse unsafe work without retaliation into their work processes.
The attendance and active participation of Mr. Létondji BEHETON, Managing Director of SIPI-Benin S.A., Mr. Faki ADJE, Deputy Managing Director of SIPI-Benin S.A., and the Captain of GDIZ Firefighters Company highlighted the importance attached to these issues by the Zone authorities.

The event featured impactful presentations, fruitful exchanges, and above all, an emphasis on raising effective awareness, reminding everyone of their responsibility in promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

The celebration of this day concluded with a quiz competition, providing participants a fun but informative opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the various concepts presented during the event.

These efforts demonstrate GDIZ’s strong commitment to the well-being of its workers and the creation of a safe and healthy work environment.