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Throughout the year 2022, SIPI and APIEx BENIN will be jointly organising a series of presentation sessions followed by a guided tour of the GDIZ to the various economic actors of Benin to promote the zone.

These sessions will allow the actors to:

  • Discover the specificities of the construction project of the zone
  • Observe the progress of the works
  • Measure the impact of the GDIZ on the Beninese economy
  • Evaluate the various opportunities offered by the zone

The first session was held on 14 January 2022 with members of the Conseil National Du Patronat – CNP Benin (CNPB), the Confédération Nationale des Employeurs du Bénin (CONEB), the Ordre National des Architectes et Urbanistes du Bénin (ONAUB) and the Association Professionnelle des Banques et Etablissements Financiers du Bénin (APBEF).

GDIZ, at the service of the industrialisation of Benin.

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